Eat Healthy, organize your diet start a better life

Nutrition in old age is organized by nutritional guidelines 🍏, consistent with physiological needs, physical activity 🏃, performed and general health. According to experts these guidelines should be as follows:

– Proteins 🥩, Ingest 20% of the diet (fish, vegetable proteins or skimmed dairy).

– Carbohydrates 🥗, About 55%. It is recommended to consume legumes, whole grains, vegetables and reduce sugar consumption.

– Increase their consumption in old age through fruits, olive oil, nuts, vegetables, etc. 🌽🥕

– Drink 2 liters of water a day 🧊, With old age the sensation of thirst decreases, do not wait to be thirsty to drink.At Assured home care, the care of the elderly is the most important thing, that’s why we have highly qualified staff to care for and feed your family member.

In Assured Home Care you will find specialized people to support you in the care of your senior💚.

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